Aloo Paratha


Made using wheat dough, the dough is flattened using a rolling pin and layered with oil or ghee and folded repeatedly. Flattened again once coated, the dough is also stuffed with various other fillings, of which potatoes are most favoured. An alternative method of making paranthas is using the layering technique where a layer of flattened dough is topped by the stuffing. This stuffing is spread evenly atop the lower layer.

Aloo paranthas, made by stuffing a mixture of boiled potatoes, chopped onions, spices, and coriander leaves within the dough, which is then flattened, is cooked in a shallow fry. Rich in the ingredients used to cook this flatbread, most Indians relish this type of parantha over any other. Keeping this very preference in mind, Raju Omlet serves lip-smacking aloo paranthas in Melbourne that keeps you coming back for more.


Add Cheese To It, Add Paneer To It, Normal Basic Stuffing


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