Traditional parathas which were earlier made using dough and ghee have now gone through various customizations. These days parathas come loaded with combinations of different vegetables. Parathas have varied versions these days with the addition of cheese, spices, etc. Steamy hot parathas are perfect for anyone who wants to have a nutritive and a simple meal. Many restaurants too have parathas on their menu. The preparation of this classic dish is simple and hassle-free. Moreover, each variation of paratha is unique in taste and is a treat for people who love to experiment with their taste buds. 

Aloo paratha

The most famous kind of paratha is the aloo paratha. This particular paratha has the stuffing of mashed boiled potatoes and spices. Aloo paratha primarily consists of only potatoes and sometimes green peas. This paratha is medium spicy in taste. The flatbread along with the stuffing is then cooked in a frying pan with ghee or butter. Aloo paratha is best eaten with curd or pickle.

Gobi paratha

Just like aloo paratha, gobi paratha is also widely eaten. Gobi paratha in simple terms is a paratha made from cauliflower stuffing. This particular paratha is filled with a mixture of cauliflower, onion, potato, coriander and spices. This mixture is then used as a stuffing. The cooking process is similar to that of aloo paratha. Gobi paratha is perfect for lunch too.

Aloo Paneer Paratha

The goodness of potatoes and cottage cheese gives you aloo paneer paratha. This stuffing is made from crumbled cottage cheese and mashed potatoes. Along with the stated, the mixture also has chopped green chillies, onions and several spices. Aloo paneer paratha is not just high on nutritional value but is also extremely delicious.

Mix Paratha

Mix paratha is nothing but a combination of several vegetables. Unlike aloo paratha and gobi paratha which has one vegetable that dominates the taste, mix paratha’s stuffing has several vegetables and spices.

Paneer Cheese Paratha

If you are ready to pile up some calories, then paneer cheese paratha is a must-try. This particular paratha has crumbled cottage cheese and cheese in its mixture. Paneer cheese paratha is low on spices because cheese and paneer balance out the extra spiciness.

You can try out lip-smacking parathas at any Indian restaurant in Hawthorn.

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