When it comes to Indian food, there is a pre-notion of people that the cuisine cannot be associated with Western food cultures like the omelette, pizza, and sandwiches. Whether you believe it or not, the Indian food culture is so diverse that there is a wide variety of popular dishes, which are mainly the staple of Western and European culture. Owing to this broad variety of food, the Indian cuisine has an equal share of sandwiches that are customised with Indian spices and preparation, making them tasty enough to satisfy your taste buds.

Indian sandwiches served in an Indian restaurant in Hawthorn have the ability to fulfil the need of both your taste and nutritional departments. When you order sandwiches, you give yourself with a choice to monitor the ingredients along with the fat and calorie content. 

Vegetable Sandwich

Widely known as the “Chatpata Sandwich”, the Indian vegetable sandwich is the perfect start to your morning breakfast. This spicy sandwich is stuffed with potato slices, cucumber, beetroot and tomatoes. You can even customise the dish by adding cheese in case you want to have the taste of both worlds. When served hot with green chutney, each bite will tickle your tongue with robust Indian spices and the veggies will take care of both your health and nutrition. The aroma that is generated through the amalgamation of the boiled sliced potatoes and spices is simply mind-blowing and will leave you asking for more.

Pineapple Cheese Sandwich

Pineapple sandwich is another breakfast sandwich that is filled with the goodness of cheese and pineapple. Known for its amazing taste, the sweet and savoury combination of pineapple and cheese makes the sandwich an absolute try for people who are health conscious. Even if you are not a big fan of sandwiches, this Indian dish can turn out to be a lovely food experiment. You can also take away this sandwich from an Indian restaurant in Hawthorn and enjoy the homely taste of this sandwich. Also, you can have it packed in bulk, as it can be served both as a dessert and a sandwich.

Spicy Schezwan Sandwich

Crispy in nature, this tongue-tickling spicy Indian sandwich amalgamates the Chinese food culture recipe and goes really well for a quick snack bite. This interesting recipe consists of grilled sandwich and stuffed with onion, capsicum and a layer of schezwan sauce is applied over it.

Paneer Sandwich

Are you looking for a quick snack for your upcoming kitty party or social gathering? If your answer is in the affirmative, then ordering paneer sandwich from an Indian restaurant in Hawthorn will save you from all kinds of troubles. Thanks to its superbly delicious taste, paneer sandwich is extremely filling and offers many health benefits at the same time. Whether it is adults or kids, paneer sandwich is loved by all regardless of the age. The dish is prepared with brown bread, capsicum, paneer, onion, cucumber, butter, tomato, and cabbage.

These are some of the many Indian sandwiches that you can try and enjoy their unique taste. Visit your nearest Indian restaurant in Hawthorn and explore their secret taste.

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